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Energy Institute publications

The Energy Institute (EI) publishes a wide range of technical guidance documents, research papers and standards to support the energy industry.

A Royal Chartered membership organisation, the EI is the professional body for the sector, serving society with independence, professionalism and a wealth of expertise in energy matters:

Latest Publications

  • IP 226: Petroleum products - Calculation of viscosity index from kinematic viscosity
  • IP 131: Petroleum products - Gum content of light and middle distillate fuels - Jet evaporation method
  • IP 225: Determination of copper in light petroleum distillates - Spectrophotometric method
  • IP 224: Determination of low lead content of light petroleum distillates by dithizone extraction and calorimetric determination
  • IP 228: Determination of lead content of gasoline - X-ray spectrometric method
  • IP 387: Determination of filter blocking tendency
  • IP 239: Determination of extreme pressure and anti-wear properties of lubricating fluids and greases - Four ball method (European conditions)
  • IP 381: Aviation fuels - Estimation of net specific energy
  • IP 138: Determination of oxidation stability of aviation fuel Potential residue method
  • IP 125: Determination of cast iron corrosion characteristics of petroleum products

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