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Energy Institute publications

The Energy Institute (EI) publishes a wide range of technical guidance documents, research papers and standards to support the energy industry.

A Royal Chartered membership organisation, the EI is the professional body for the sector, serving society with independence, professionalism and a wealth of expertise in energy matters:

Latest Publications

  • Pocket guide to safety for operatives and contractors working at petroleum distribution installations
  • Good practice guideline working at height in the offshore wind industry
  • Guidelines for the design, installation and operation of petrol vapour emission controls at distribution terminals
  • Guidance on design and operating limits for fuel storage tanks at retail filling stations
  • EI 1550 Handbook on equipment used for the maintenance and delivery of clean aviation fuel
  • Good practice guideline the safe management of small service vessels used in the offshore wind industry
  • Safety notice: Electrical/electronic devices energised by button cells in hazardous areas (potentially explosive atmospheres)
  • Guidance on meeting expectations of EI Process safety management framework element 11: Standards and practices
  • HM 69. Procedures for determining H2S concentration in cargo tank head spaces

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