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Energy Institute publications

The Energy Institute (EI) publishes a wide range of technical guidance documents, research papers and standards to support the energy industry.

A Royal Chartered membership organisation, the EI is the professional body for the sector, serving society with independence, professionalism and a wealth of expertise in energy matters:

Latest Publications

  • IP 440: Liquid petroleum products - Determination of total contamination in middle distillates, diesel fuels and fatty acid methyl esters
  • HM 69. Procedures for determining H2S concentration in cargo tank head spaces
  • Guidance on meeting expectations of EI Process safety management framework element 6: Hazard identification and risk assessment
  • EI 1590  Specifications and qualification procedures for aviation fuel microfilters
  • Priority substances (and priority hazardous substances) sector contributions
  • Practical guidance on technologies for field-screening hydrocarbons and associated metals in soil and water

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